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A Comprehensive Guide to Finding a Booking on TicketingHub

In this article, we provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to effectively locate a booking using TicketingHub's user-friendly interface. This can be achieved by either searching using the booking reference or through customer information.

QUICK LINKS: How to find a booking
By Booking Reference and Booking Filters
By Customer Name or Email

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Search using the booking reference or booking filters

Begin at the Sales tab: Navigate to the "Sales" option on your dashboard.
Use filters: You can then filter your search by Order or Booking.
Refine your search: Make your search more precise by using the available filters.
Open the Order Page: Once you've located the order or booking you want to modify, click to open the Order Page.
Modify the booking: From here, you have the ability to modify the booking as necessary.

Step 1: Dashboard > Sales

Step 2: Filter by Order Or Booking

Step 3: Narrow down your search with our filters

Step 4: Open the order Page

Step 5: Modify the booking

Search using customers name or email

Dashboard > Customer
Enter details and Search: Input the customer's name or email in the search bar and apply any additional filters as needed.
Choose the Customer: Select the appropriate customer from the generated search results.
Open the Booking: Click to open the booking.
Navigate to the Order Page: Now, you can access the order page to make necessary modifications to the booking.
Modify the Booking: With access to the booking details, you can now proceed to modify the booking as needed.

Step 1: Dashboard > Click on Customers

Step 2: Add your filters and Search

Step 3: Select the customer

Step 4: Open the Booking

Step 5: Go to the order page where you can modify the booking

Step 6: Now you can modify the booking

TicketingHub provides you with all the tools you need to efficiently manage your bookings and serve your customers better. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

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