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Editing Availabilities with TicketingHub

In TicketingHub, you have two ways to modify availability: you can create a Season or an Exception.


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What is a season?
How to create a season
Adding details to your season
Adding time and capacity
Adjusting season availability
What is an exception
How to create a new exception
Adjusting exceptions

What is a Season

A Season is ideal if you run the same tour, event, or activity at least once a week.

Seasons can be utilized for different periods such as Summer, Winter, High Season, Low Season, or all year round.

To create a new season

Log into your TicketingHub account
Click on your Product
Click on Availability
Click on Create New Season

Account Dashboard > Product > Availability > Click on 'Create New Season'

Adding Details to Your Season

Your Season Name could be something like "Winter 2019."
Include a start date
An end date is optional

You can add times by clicking the blue + button.

To add capacity, click the blue (+) button.

Adding Time and Capacity

Here are the details you need to provide:

Name (optional): If you include a Name, it will replace the Time with the text. This is useful if you want the morning to say "Morning Sail," instead of "9 AM."
Time (mandatory): Start time of your tour
Capacity: Capacity of your tour. If left blank, it will be set to unlimited.
Assign Guide / User (optional): If you want to assign guides for your tour
Assets: Used for assigning assets to options.

If you run Escape Rooms, VR experiences, Boat Hire, Coach hire, etc, the Assets Feature allows you to have shared and private assets, each with its own capacity. TicketingHub will stop selling tickets when your assets or option capacity have run out.

Adjusting Season Availability

You can remove times of the week when you are not operating by clicking on the date and time, editing that specific option, and clicking the black trash bin to make it appear "Unavailable" on the calendar.

Simply delete the date/time when you are closing tours on specific seasons.

What is an Exception

If you're using seasons but need to block out a specific date or change times and capacities that you normally operate (e.g., you're on holiday, closed for Christmas, or running more/less tours that day), then you must create a variation for that specific date.

Exceptions allow you to block dates (closed) or change the time for just one day. They are used as overrides to your season or for one-off events and festivals.

To create a new exception

Log into your TicketingHub account
Click on your Product
Click on "Availability"
Click "Create New Exception"
Choose a name that means something to you (e.g. Christmas Closure)
Set the date.
Save changes by clicking "Update Season"

Account Dashboard > Product > Availability > Create New Exception

Adjusting Exceptions

For a single date, enter only one date.
To make it appear sold out, reduce capacity to zero. Or if you want to increase capacity click the pencil icon to edit.

Change time and/or tour capacity by clicking the pencil icon to edit.

Updated on: 21/06/2023

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